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The Ultimate Paypal Fraud Guide 2020


We all know that PayPal Fraud, Carding is not what it used to be. Back in 2011-2013 you could easily card pretty much any PayPal account. You could buy hacked accounts and easily login to transfer cash.
Nowadays with 2-Factor-Authentication and many other security factors this not that easy anymore. But still people sell hacked accounts on marketplaces and give you a cookie file to login but what they don’t tell you is that the cookies they give you are not even encoded and no http(s) ones so they don’t work with the current PayPal.

People also sell outdated 2016 PDF guides where half of the sites and tool such as PayPal checkers are not even available anymore cause they got shut down a long time ago.

Long story short most people just don’t know what they are doing and gave up on PP a long time ago but still try to squeeze cash out of noobs.

Good thing is that we actually figured out a way that allows us to successfully card PayPal in 2020. We now have a team of hackers working for us who do this on a massive scale. Our developers created special tools and software to make sure this works.

This is an example of what successful PayPal Carding looks like:

Some More Success Results

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What You Will Learn In This Guide

The first chapter covers „How The Method Works“ and I will go into detail about how it’s actually done.

  • How The Method Works
  • Where To Get A Fully Verified Paypal Stealth Account that is cardable
  • How To Spoof Your IP/Location so PayPal thinks you are the cardholder
  • The Proper Firefox Setup Step by Step
  • Preparation for the actual carding process (setting up payment links etc)
  • Where To Buy High Quality, High Balance Credit Cards for long chargeback periods
  • How To Card Your Paypal Stealth Account
  • Ways To Cashout The Carded Account

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